The vision of f11m is to foster a photographic community to share not only the facility, but also artwork, ideas, and techniques.

Our studio is located in Sand City, California.

Greg Mettler

Artist Greg Mettler’s projects range from traditional photographic prints to life-size alternative process portraits on canvas to video installation exhibitions. His main objective is to use the lens to represent his subject matters in a new context, addressing greater social, economic or environmental issues. Originally from the Central Valley, Greg Mettler received his undergraduate degree from Humboldt State University and his Masters of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. He currently has a studio in Sand City, CA and teaches photography, video art and photographic history at Monterey Peninsula College and Cabrillo College. A nationally exhibited artist, Greg continues to push himself to develop new projects that challenge preconceived notions of lens-based artwork.

Robin V. Robinson

Robin records photographs underwater on film, preferring the abstraction of black and white in surreal landscapes and dreamy fish clouds. Coming up for air, her watery surface images are just as surreal due to her experimental darkroom techniques. “My time in the darkroom is full of ‘what-ifs.’ The experimental nature of chemistry allows me to explore pathways which are magical, alchemical in feeling, transformational in the end. This type of play and chance are what I love about analog photography, not to mention a satisfying final print. I haven’t wanted to use digital tools, they don’t suit my need for an interactive tactile and physical experience.”

Robinson shows her work internationally. She has received top awards in photographic competitions, and is in the permanent collection of the Monterey Museum of Art. Robinson studied photography with West Coast mentors, at City College of San Francisco, and at Foothill College. She holds degrees in Engineering.

Dida Kutz

Dida revisited film and the darkroom after buying a DSLR. She took a class in traditional darkroom photography from Greg Mettler in 2011, who she met shortly after they both moved to the Monterey Peninsula from the San Francisco Bay area. In 2012, with the encouragement of friend, dive buddy, and mentor Chuck Davis, she joined Greg and Robin's darkroom. Although she sometimes shoots digital, she prefers taking photographs with her antique medium-format Zeiss-Ikonta film camera.

Since pursuing photography with intention, she has shown in eight juried exhibitions.

Dida studied molecular genetics of Risso's dolphins as a graduate student, is active in marine conservation issues, and is a member of the Explorers Club.

The Story of f11m

Greg Mettler and Robin Robinson set up their shared darkroom in 2006, motivated by the idea of printing large black and white mural prints. “I was printing outside at night at my house, desperate for a place to make my images, which ranged up to 5 feet long. Some nights it was too bright to print, and other nights I had raccoon visits. Greg came along with large prints and I knew we could collaborate,” says Robinson, who discovered photographer Greg Mettler right after his move from San Francisco. The two artists set up a large wet darkroom to make alternative process images in mural size, as well as straight prints in the local tradition. This shared darkroom has accommodated many Monterey area darkroom printers over the years, and brought people together for events such as open studios, film screenings, a few workshops, and critique groups. “We’ve been fortunate to inherit equipment and knowledge from local mentors who through their generosity have helped us create a learning environment. Adding Dida to the group has proven to energize the presence of f11m; we look forward to more events and shared experiences.”